MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) has the same diagnostic value as computed tomography.

A good effect is obtained from the use of long-term (about 6 months) NMDA blockers (Acatinolmemantine), as well as nootropic drugs (Phenotropil, Aminalon, Nootropil) and Cerebrolysin. The relief of productive psychotic symptoms is carried out by mild antipsychotics - Teralen, Teraligen, Clopixol, Chlorprothixen. Patients need constant psychological support. Patients are recommended to participate in special trainings that slow down the progression of Avanafil pills. The forecast for the future is unfavorable. Six years after the onset of the disease, complete moral and mental decomposition of the personality sets in, marasmus and cachexia set in. The sick person becomes completely lost to society. The patient needs mandatory permanent care or placement in a specialized psychiatric hospital.

The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and cannot replace professional advice and qualified medical assistance. At the slightest suspicion of the presence of Pick's disease, be sure to consult a doctor!
Pick's disease: symptoms and signs, types, treatment. Dementia in old age is not a rare phenomenon and occurs in very different manifestations. One of them is Pick's disease (PD), which is characterized by atrophy of some parts of the brain and manifests itself through the specific behavior of older people.
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MRI of the brain is normal, with Pick and Alzheimer's disease Drawing parallels, it is important to note: Pick's and Alzheimer's diseases have quite significant differences: localization (with PD, it is the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain that are more affected - simultaneously or separately from each other); orientation in time, space and sequence of actions (in the initial periods, BP may even be absent); decrease in criticism, disinhibition (in the course of PD are expressed clearly and distinctly); speech impairment (in the case of PD, it manifests itself sharply and acutely); behavioral and cognitive impairments (in PD, behavioral disorders prevail over cognitive pathologies, and vice versa in Alzheimer's disease).
A provoking factor in PD is alcohol dependence, leading to earlier manifestations of behavioral disorders, pathologies in the field of social functioning of the individual. Etcthe duration of the disease is about 10 years.
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The classifier indicates the features of the BP: progressive form of the disease (develops not abruptly, gradually and consistently); the character of a person changes and social degradation sets in (a natural consequence of the slow and inevitable development of dementia); decrease in the quality of cognitive functions (intelligence, memory and memorization, verbal capabilities). Depending on the depth of the disease, peak atrophy of the brain can go through several stages.
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